Faith Formation Director of Faith Formation: - Carlo Stebbings

 The 2023-2024 Faith Formation year is underway! It’s not too late to register and            join us this year as we journey together growing in faith!

Building Strong Catholic Families The workers, in the parable we hear today from Matthew’s gospel, sound very much like squabbling children, comparing what they have each been given and making complaints to the parent. Among children there is a tendency to equate love with gifts and material things. This tendency can devolve into a spirit of entitlement, which runs counter to the spirit of gratitude. Any effort we make to overcome this tendency, to keep love from being entwined with gifts and possessions, will enable our children to accept completely the love that God gives freely and generously. Observe together any tendency within your family to make comparisons. Are children sometimes heard saying that another child received a greater portion of a favorite food at dinner or dessert? Does one person complain that a parent spends more time with one child over another? Ask if such comparisons are helpful. Discuss together why such comparisons are made. Conclude in prayer together remembering that love cannot and ought not to be measured. Sit quietly together acknowledging God’s great love for each person as individuals and for your family. Pray together today’s psalm, Psalm 145, or the Lord’s Prayer.


Parish Eucharist Revival    The Liturgy of the Word           The second reading is typically, but not always, from one of the Pauline epistles. Whether from Paul, Peter, James, or Jude, the reading is always drawn from an apostolic letter because Christianity is an apostolic religion. Our faith comes from this little band of twelve that gathered around Jesus and knew him. The second reading reminds us not simply of the origins of the church, but of its apostolic character.

Events this week:

September  25-Confirmation Year 1 &2, 6:30pm, St. Mary’s
September 28- Bible Study, 11:00am, Nacca Hall
October    1 – Kindergarten Faith Club, Family of Faith, Connect, 9:30am, St. Mary’s Hall                
October 1 – Kindergarten Faith Club, Family of Faith, Connect, 9:30am,  Parish House, Moravia


Catholic Classics Book Club: Fall 2023 Selection
Confessions of St. Augustine

“From a life of youthful rebellion and waywardness to a deep conversion that led him to become a bishop, theologian, and philosopher, his journey is a testament to the transformative power of God’s grace. His life, filled with profound conversion, wisdom, and unyielding devotion, continues to inspire and guide us on our own spiritual journeys, almost 2,000 years later!
Perhaps one of the most enduring gifts St. Augustine has left for us is his popular written work, Confessions. In this masterpiece, he bares his soul, confessing his past sins and shortcomings while revealing the profound encounters with God that led him toward the path of righteousness. It is through this intimate account that we find guidance in our pursuit of holiness.” We will be using the new Ascension Press edition “with an exclusive translation in modern English, this version draws readers ever closer to God by making St. Augustine’s conversations with the heavenly Father readily accessible to Catholics today. Never-before-seen commentary ensures that you understand how each section contributes to the truth and beauty of the entire work.” Please contact Dcn. Dennis Donahue
( or 315 406 1538) for further details on
how we plan to read this spiritual classic work together in the coming months. 

Events this week:

September  25-Confirmation Year 1 &2,
6:30pm, St. Mary’s
September 28- Bible Study, 11:00am, Nacca Hall
October 1 – Kindergarten Faith Club, Family of Faith, Connect, 9:30am, St. Mary’s Hall                
October 1 – Kindergarten Faith Club, Family of Faith, Connect, 9:30am,  Parish House, Moravia