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Marilyn Paradise - Director

Sacrament of Confirmation

Congratulation to the following students receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation:


Teacher Appreciation. 

Classes conclude  Sunday, May 21st.

Special thank you to all Catechists, Confirmation Team, Liturgy of the Word Coordinators, volunteers and parents for sharing your faith and providing support to our program.

Catechists include: Scott Grantz, Connie Patti, Val Peppe, Rita Sheils, Miranda Signor.

Confirmation Leaders include: Steve Cardinal, Trish Davis, Mariann Fessenden, Elisa Van Amburgh, Father Bill Moorby and Marilyn Paradise.

Liturgy of the Lord Coordinators include: Pat Berry, Helen Pflueger and many helpers.


Faith Formation: Enlisting Witnesses for Jesus Christ

We are first initiated into the community of faith through the Sacrament of Baptism and the graces we receive on that day. That grace needs to be nurtured. Our Faith Formation program invites you on a journey to know the God of all creation and the grace received from this relationship. As parents are the primary educators of their children in the ways of the faith, the nurturing begins at home. Our program at church is intended to assist and supplement the work of the parents. It is our expectation that families are making their homes a place of faith where daily prayers are said, respect and love is taught and weekly attendance at Mass is the priority. Thus grace can flourish.

Faith Formation classes begin this year on Sunday, September 16 at St. Patrick’s, Moravia following the 8:30am Mass and at Our Lady of the Lake, King Ferry at 9:30am in the Parish House. Home schooled students are welcomed. Registration forms and the new Faith Formation Handbook will be mailed to each of our enrolled students and additional forms are available in the back of our churches. Please fill out the forms and mail them to the church office or place them in the collection basket.

On September 16 we also celebrate Catechetical Sunday. During the Mass, Catechists will be commissioned for their ministry. It is an opportunity for all of us who serve at church, by virtue of Baptism, to reflect on sharing our faith and being a witness to the Gospel.  On Catechetical Sunday, we bless both the work of the catechist in our parishes and the parents and guardians at home. The theme for Catechetical Sunday and our Faith Formation year is, ”Enlisting Witnesses For Jesus Christ”. This calls all of us to claim our true roles as witnesses to Jesus.

The apostles began their proclamation of Jesus as Savior of the world, their witness revolved around a simple and direct message that focused on the person of Jesus, His powerful message, the miraculous deeds and the transformation of lives as they believed in Him and became witnesses to the world.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church (C.C.C.) says “Every person, through the gifts given to them, is at once the witness and the living instrument of the mission of the Church itself according to the measure of Christ bestowal. “(CCC. 913)    “By virtue of their prophetic mission, lay people are called to be witnesses to Christ in all circumstances and at the very heart of the community of mankind.” (CCC 942)  

Pope Frances says “We are called to bear witness to our faith every day. Being a Christian does not mean being a saint, but giving witness to Jesus in word and especially, deed. Christian witness is done with three things: words, the heart and the hands.  Like the apostles, we follow Jesus, we listen to His word and we try to imitate Him. The first proclamation stays forever with us: that Jesus loves us, he gave his life to save us; and now he is living at our side every day to enlighten, strengthen and free us.” ( Evangelii Gaudium)


Here at Good Shepherd, as we witness our faith the goals set forth remain:  To teach that the faith journey is a lifetime commitment and the knowledge of God and His love comes to us in Jesus. To see God’s work in our lives and in our Church through the Liturgy and the Sacraments.  To grow in discipleship, witness and stewardship. And lastly, to cultivate a life of prayer, deepened by the richness of our faith.


Individually and collectively may we bring the light of Jesus into to the world as we witness our faith to others through both word and deed.  

                                                              God bless.     Marilyn Paradise, Religious Ed Coordinator

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