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Marilyn Paradise - Director

Teacher Appreciation. 

Classes conclude  Sunday, May 21st.

Special thank you to all Catechists, Confirmation Team, Liturgy of the Word Coordinators, volunteers and parents for sharing your faith and providing support to our program.

Catechists include: Scott Grantz, Connie Patti, Val Peppe, Rita Sheils, Miranda Signor.

Confirmation Leaders include: Steve Cardinal, Trish Davis, Mariann Fessenden, Elisa Van Amburgh, Father Bill Moorby and Marilyn Paradise.

Liturgy of the Lord Coordinators include: Pat Berry, Helen Pflueger and many helpers.


Sacrament of Confirmation

Congratulation to the following students receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation:

       Joshua Cespedes

       Sam Coleman

       Max Fedrizzi

       Jonathan Groth

       Madeleine Hamel

       Sydney Hasenjager

       Louis Jones

       Rachel Pflueger

       Rachel Richardson

       Jacob Schmitt

       Emma Van Amburgh



Vacation Bible School:  “Deep Sea Discovery”

May 21 is our last class in Faith Formation until we meet again in the Fall. It has been a year evident of growing in faith. We have had students preparing for First Penance/Reconciliation, First Eucharist and Confirmation. These special events have been happening around us.  Special thank you to all of the Catechists for journeying along with these students and parents for supporting our program. 

Once again this summer we are offering an adventure at Vacation Bible School, July 31-August 3 at St Patrick Church, Aurora. The theme this year is “Deep Sea Discovery”. To pre-register, please fill out a VBS form which is available at each of the churches and return it to us by placing it in the collection basket or mailing it to the parish office.  Vacation Bible School begins each day at 9:30am with songs of praise on the lawn.  Each group of VBS students travel with their Group Leader to the various stations which include Bible, Craft and Game Centers. We gather together again at 11:30am for a snack and fellowship and close our day with songs of praise. 

Students will begin the first day of our week together with the story of Noah.  Noah “walked” with God and God had a plan to save him. For 40 days, the heavens poured forth to cleanse the earth and bring a new beginning. Noah and his family walked off the ark onto a newly restored world.   On day 2, the story focuses on the prophet Jonah.  Jonah was sent to speak on God’s behalf, delivering His messages.  In spite of the fact that Jonah was an unwilling prophet, God worked through him to bring about His plan.   On day 3 we will talk about how God strengthened Peter in the storm.  The students will hear how God strengthens us during storms in our lives. And lastly on Day 4 the message is Jesus loved his disciples and loves all of us as well. It is our deep faith and God’s abundant love that sustains us during our lives. On our last day together we celebrate with an Ice Cream Social and a special closing ceremony.

At VBS our students will experience how God knows us, God hears us, God strengthens us and God loves us. Join us at “Deep Sea Discovery” and learn how God’s amazing love is with us wherever we go.  Here’s how you can help: pray for a child who would benefit from being part of VBS; invite a friend to join us; donate a snack or bottled water. If you have time available July 31- August 3 and would like to spend some time with us, we would love your help!

Any questions, please contact me at the parish office.        

Marilyn Paradise,   Faith Formation Director


Give The Gift of Warmth
Join our Faith Formation students help to warm our community by filling our “mitten tree” at church. New and gently used mittens, gloves, hats and scarves will help to keep our neighbor’s hands and heads warm this winter. Donations will be collected at each of our 4 churches through the end of January. Please leave your donations at the back of church labeled “Gift of Warmth”. Thank you for your support.

Hands of Christ: Hands of Christ is a program sponsored by the Diocese of Rochester to assist parishes in affirming their high school seniors who have been the “Hands of Christ” in their church, home, school and community. The criteria for this award is as follows:
  Demonstrates a Christian attitude by word and example.
  Has been actively involved in parish life as well as school and Community.
  Has been a positive role model for peers, children & adults.
  Is a practicing Roman Catholic in the Diocese of Rochester.
If you have a graduating senior in your church that you would like to nominate, please call the church office with their name by Sunday, January 31, 2016.

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