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To live by Faith    to be known by Love    to be a voice of Hope


For all of you who are new to this site, we thank you for visiting with us today.

If you do not have a parish family of your own, we invite you to join our parish family.
Good Shepherd Catholic Community is a catholic parish.
Catholic comes from the Greek meaning universal, international or all inclusive, and so, everyone is welcome here, no matter who you are, where you come from, your race, language or lifestyle, your age or income. Everyone is welcome here because we are all God’s family and this is his house.

Summer Mass Schedule

Beginning, Easter Sunday, the Sunday Mass at St. Patrick, Aurora will be at 9:00 a.m.

Beginning with the Second Sunday of Easter, April 7, the Saturday Mass at St. Michael Church, Union Springs will be celebrated each week at 5:00 p.m. The Summer schedule will run through the Fall.  


Emmaus Youth Group

is meeting every Sunday at 6:00-7:30pm at St. Alphonsus Church (in St. Joseph’s School) in Auburn. There are both Junior High and Senior High groups. I encourage you to check it out over the summer. The weekly meetings lead up to various youth retreats including a trip to the Youth Rally in Steubenville, Ohio. Prayerfully consider checking out one of the Sunday gatherings as this could be a life changing experience for your child.  If anyone needs a ride, we could carpool. Any questions, please let me know.  



Daily Mass Schedule


Mass: 8:30AM at St. Patrick’s, Moravia
Mass: 10:30AM at Our Lady of the Lake, King Ferry
Mass: 12:00 PM  at St. Patrick’s, Aurora


Mass: 9:00AM at St Patricks' Aurora


Mass: 9:00AM at St Patrick's , Moravia
Mass: 9:30AM at Howd Nursing Home , Moravia (2nd Tues Only)


No Mass


Mass: 4:00PM St Michael's Union Springs


9:00AM St Patrick's Aurora
First Friday: 9:00AM at Our Lady of the Lake, King Ferry followed by Benediction.


Mass: 4:00PM at St. Michael’s, Union Springs



Confessions will be held on First Fridays from 8:00am - 8:45am at Our Lady of the Lake before First Friday Mass & Benediction; at St. Michael Church on the first Saturday of each month from 4:00pm - 4:45pm and at St. Patrick’s, Moravia, before the 8:30am Sunday Mass beginning at 8:00am.


Mass Intentions
Week of May 20, 2018

Saturday: 5/19 - Pentecost Sunday
Vigil Mass: 5:00 PM at St. Michael’s, Union Springs
+ For Joan Bouck by Therese Shook

Sunday: 5/20 - Pentecost Sunday
Mass: 8:30AM at St. Patrick’s, Moravia
+For Phillip Morse by Tibbits Family
Mass: 9:00AM at St. Patrick’s, Aurora
+For Raymond B. Wilbur by Diane M. Hoy
Mass: 10:30 AM at Our Lady of the Lake, Church, King Ferry
+ For Tammy Ausborn by Ed & Maureen

Monday: 5/21 - St. Christopher Magallanes & Companions
Mass: 9:00 AM at St. Patrick’s Church, Aurora
+For All Living & Deceased Members of GSCC

Tuesday: 5/22 - St. Rita of Cascia
Mass: 9:00AM at St. Patrick’s, Moravia
+ Marylou Dunham by Ruth Wood

Wednesday: 5/23 – Weekday
NO Mass

Thursday: 5/24 - Weekday
NO Mass

Friday: 5/25 - St. Bede the Venerable, St. Gregory VII, St.
Mary Magdalene de ‘Pazzi
Mass: 9:00AM at St. Patrick’s, Aurora
+For Phyllis McDuffle

Saturday: 5/26 - Vigil of The Most Holy Trinity
Mass: 5:00PM at St. Michael’s, Union Springs
+ For Ferdinand Morsch by Nancey

Sunday: 5/27 – The Most Holy Trinity
Mass: 8:30 AM at Patrick’s, Moravia
+ For Ray Morey by Louise & Family
Mass: 9:00AM at St. Patrick’s, Aurora
+For Bruce Culver by Therese Shook
Mass: 10:30 AM at Our Lady of the Lake Church, King Ferry
+ For All Living & Deceased Members of GSCC


Eternal God, from the very moment of creation you revealed that every good gift has its source in you. You shower your people with abundant blessings and provide for us with your provident care. Help us to use wisely the gifts of the earth that you have bestowed on us. Give us wisdom to use prudently the talents each one has that come from your hand. Afford us the insight to see opportunities to serve in the time you have given to us. May the treasure, talent, and time we possess be placed in service of you for the common good. Amen.


From the Office:

In the event of a serious illness or placement of a loved one in a Nursing Facility or Hospital, or when a family member or friend passes away, please call the rectory office as soon as possible at 364-7197, for Father Bill’s information. Thank you.

Remember to check when you travel!
And Remember, church bills don’t take A summer vacation.
Thank you for making up back envelopes!

Weekly Bulletins

Rosary Recitation

will take place in our parish in the Month of May before Mass.  Each week it will take place at a different worship site

May 6th--- St. Patrick Church, Moravia

May 12th--- St. Michael' Church, Union Springs

May 20th--- St. Patrick Church, Aurora

May 27th--- Our Lady of the Lake Church, King Ferry

May Crowning of Mary May 5/6 Weekend at beginning of Masses



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Words from our Pastor

MOORBY, William.jpg

  • May
    • Pentecost Sunday
      This weekend we end the Easter Season with the Feast of Pentecost. The gift of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples marks the fi…
    • Happy Mother’s Day!
      As we continue to celebrate our “New Birth” in the Lord on this Seventh Sunday of Easter, we remember today our mothers who gave…
  • April
    • May we be open to the Holy Spirit
      Last Sunday our young people who are in their second year of preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation had a review session.…
    • Convocation
      This week on Monday through Wednesday I will be joining with Bishop Matano the priests and Pastoral Administrators in our Dioces…
      A year ago we began Fish Bowl Sunday in our parishes to help support the local food pantries that are serving the needs of peopl…
  • March
    • The Lord is Risen, Alleluia, Alleluia!
      The Lord is Risen, Alleluia, Alleluia! I wish all of you and your families a very blessed and joy filled Easter as we celebrate…
    • Holy Week - The Triduum
      Today as we celebrate Palm Sunday we enter the most solemn week of the Church Year – the final, intense days of Lent and the gre…
    • Parish Lenten Retreat
      This week we are pleased to welcome Father Mark McDonald, MSC to our parish to share with us from his faith and experience as a …
    • Laetáre Sunday
      This Sunday is known as Laetáre Sunday. The name comes from the opening antiphon of the Mass which begins, “Laetáre Ierúsalem” o…
    • Passing the torch: from one generation to the next
      This year the first few weeks of Lent have been a sad journey for many families in our parish as we have had five parish-ioners …


“Help for the Caregiver”

will be held at Sacred Heart Church, Auburn, on (5) Tuesdays from 1-3pm, beginning Mar 27. Register at 315 246 3440 or

Youth Weekend

will be held on Sunday, June 10th. Hands of Christ Awards will be given out at St. Patrick’s, Moravia. Please join us in the celebration of the Sacraments.

The Bread of Life:

Foundations of a Eucharistic Spirituality: Dr. Matthew Kuhner is offering eight spiritual talks at St. Mary’s Church hall, Auburn, over 4 Wednesday’s which began on May 9th. There will be two one hour talks each Wednesday starting at with Eucharistic Adoration and lunch break between the talks. Free lunch will be those who sign up 24 hrs. prior to each talk. Call 315 252 9545.

Tyburn Academy’s $20,000 Raffle & Quill Hill Festival

 Saturday, June 2nd, at 17 Clymer St.., Auburn.  Music, Food, Games & Fun, Raffles!  There are 20 chances to win and your ticket   could be picked 20 times!



Prayer for Vocations

Loving and Generous God, it is You who call us by name and ask us to follow You. Help us to grow in the Love and Service of our Church as we experience it today.Give us the energy and courage of Your Spirit to shape its future. Grant us faith-filled leaders who will embrace Christ's     Mission of love and justice. Bless the Church of Rochester by raising up dedicated and generous leaders from our families and friends who will serve Your people as Sisters, Priests, Brothers, Deacons and Lay Ministers. Inspire us to know You better and open our hearts to hear Your call.  We ask this through our Lord.


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