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CATHY KANALLEY-Office Administrator
Marilyn Paradise  Daytime - 315/364-7197
At King Ferry  Debbie Patrick  497-2049
First Saturdays 9:00-12 and by appointment.
VISITATION MINISTRY: Charles Walsh 889-5060
Marge Callahan 364-7449 or
Cathy or Lorraine - 364-7197
299 Main Street, Aurora    315/364-7197
8:00AM-4:00PM and by appointment
BAPTISM - Please call the Parish Office for an appointment
MARRIAGE - Couples must contact the Parish Office six months prior to the celebration.
RECONCILIATION - By appointment or before Mass on the weekend.
COMMUNION FOR THE SICK AND HOUSEBOUND/ SACRAMENT OF ANOINTING OF THE SICK - If a loved one is seriously ill or would like to receive Holy Communion at home, please call the Parish Office.
RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) - Non-Catholics interested in learning more about the Catholic Faith are invited to speak to any staff member or call the Parish Office.
NEW PARISHIONERS - Welcome! Please introduce yourselves to the Parish Staff. We want to get to know you.
REGISTRATION - Every family within the Parish should be registered. Please contact the office for a registration form. If you move to another parish, change your address or have additions or deletions to your family, please notify the Parish Office. Forms are available at each worship site.

The GSCC King Ferry Food Pantry is participating in this year’s Feinstein $1 Million Challenge!. This is how it works: Make a donation to the Food Pantry from March 1 thru April 30th.  Donations will get Feinstein money added to it. The more we raise, the more of the Feinstein $1 million we will get. At the end of the challenge, the Feinstein Foundation will divide $1 Million proportionately among all participating agencies. A donation from you received by April 30th, will be doubled by the Feinstein Foundation. Food donations may be left at Our Lady of the Lake Church in King Ferry anytime and financial contributions may be made out to GSCC, (Feinstein Challenge on subject line) PO Box 296, Aurora, NY 13026.


Focus on families   

Cardinals from around the world gathered with Pope Francis to talk about the family, focusing their discussions on the Christian vision of people and family life; essential pastoral programs to support families; and ministry to divorced and civilly remarried Catholics. Read more>>

The Good Shepherd

'In the Unity of Faith'  

Visit Catholic Courier's website's In Depth section this week for sneak previews of articles that will be published Jan. 24 in a 52-page special supplement dedicated to the installation of Bishop Salvatore R. Matano. Read more>> 
The Three Conversions in the Spiritual Life
The Three Conversions in the Spiritual Life
by Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange

In this compact book; the famous Thomist; Fr. Garrigou-Lagrange; sets forth the classic Catholic traditions on the spiritual life as the full flowering of Sanctifying Grace in the soul. He explains the three stages of the spiritual life-the Purgative Way; the Illuminative Way; and the Unitive Way-showing the transitions or conversions from one period to another. How can one become a saint without knowing the way -- the pitfalls; common mistakes; and experience of Saints who have gone before? G…

Weekly Bulletins

Mission Opportunity for GSCC

Dear Parishioners: We have many blessings surrounding our faith community. One of these blessings is the fact that we have 2 young adults that will go on a Mission Trip this coming June. Kimberly Pearsall and Patrick

Bareham will travel to Bethlehem Farm in West Virginia, a Catholic community in Appalachia that transforms lives through service with the local community and the teaching of sustainable practices. Volunteers are invited to join them in living the Gospel cornerstones of community, service, prayer and simplicity. Kimberly and Patrick will spend a week working on various projects in a rural setting for people in great need! This should prove to be a life changing experience for them.

Kimberly and Patrick need to raise $300 to participate in this trip. If you would like to help them in any way as a sponsor of a portion of their trip, you can drop an envelope into the collection basket and label it “ GSCC Mission Trip”. These funds will support their trip. I would also ask you to pray for both Kimberly and Patrick as they represent GSCC in their mission work. Thank you.

- Marilyn

Follow Pope Francis

Follow Pope Francis

Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving

Lent is about both giving up, and giving back, We give in response to what God has given us. Consider taking a few moments each day to remember what you have been blessed with. As we begin our Lenten journey, the Social Ministry committee is asking for your prayers and sacrificial giving to support and broaden our parish works of charity and justice in our own community and around the world. Your Lenten Offering will support the work of Social Ministry in these areas:

25% of the collected funds will be used to:      

  • Build solidarity beyond our parish boundaries through donation to Catholic Relief Services.
  •  Involve youth in charitable activities to meet the basic needs of the poor in our community.
  • For local charity/emergency assistance.
  • Support our parish food pantry.

In addition to Lenten prayer/fasting, we are challenged to stretch the size of our hearts to enrich the lives of others. Financial support for Social Ministry was cut from our parish budget, so we ask for your help to continue our good work. Almsgiving containers are available at our worship sites.