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Last updated: December 16, 2014, 1:39:45 PM

CATHY KANALLEY-Office Administrator
Marilyn Paradise  Daytime - 315/364-7197
King Ferry Food Pantry at GSCC
First Saturdays 9-12, or by appointment.
Contact Debbie Patrick at 497-2049

VISITATION MINISTRY: Charles Walsh 889-5060
Marge Callahan 364-7449 or
Cathy or Lorraine - 364-7197
299 Main Street, Aurora    315/364-7197
8:00AM-4:00PM and by appointment
BAPTISM - Please call the Parish Office for an appointment
MARRIAGE - Couples must contact the Parish Office six months prior to the celebration.
RECONCILIATION - By appointment or before Mass on the weekend.
COMMUNION FOR THE SICK AND HOUSEBOUND/ SACRAMENT OF ANOINTING OF THE SICK - If a loved one is seriously ill or would like to receive Holy Communion at home, please call the Parish Office.
RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) - Non-Catholics interested in learning more about the Catholic Faith are invited to speak to any staff member or call the Parish Office.
NEW PARISHIONERS - Welcome! Please introduce yourselves to the Parish Staff. We want to get to know you.
REGISTRATION - Every family within the Parish should be registered. Please contact the office for a registration form. If you move to another parish, change your address or have additions or deletions to your family, please notify the Parish Office. Forms are available at each worship site.

REMINDER: Cemetery checks must be made out to the cemetery for which it is intended—NOT TO GSCC.  Thank you.


Advent Penance Services:

Sunday, Dec 14—7:00PM at Moravia

Monday, Dec 15—7:00PM at Our Lady of the Lake, KF

Thursday, Dec 18—11:00am at St. Michael’s, US

Sunday, Dec 21—7:00pm at St. Patrick’s, Aurora



Beginning October 6, 2014

Monday—9:00AM at St. Patrick’s, Aurora
Tuesday—9:00AM at St. Patrick’s, Moravia
Wednesday—NO MASS
Thursday—4:00PM at St. Michael’s, Union Springs
Friday— 9:00AM at St. Patrick’s, Aurora

Christmas Flowers

If you wish to dedicate Christmas flowers or Decorations  in memory of your loves ones, please  use the envelopes found at each worship site and  list the names of those you wish to be remembered. Their names will be published in the bulletin during the Christmas Season. The envelopes may be placed in the collection basket or sent to the rectory at PO Box 296, Aurora, NY 13026.



Last week I suggested we consider the life and times of John the Baptist during the third week of Advent. Today I ask you to consider the figure of Joseph during the pregnancy of Mary and the birth of Jesus. Matthew's Gospel focuses on Joseph's role so use this infancy narrative as the source for your reflection.

As a father, I was blessed to be in the delivery room to see the birth of each of my four children. In each case, after months of anticipation and preparation the expected time was at hand usually at an unexpected and inconvenient moment which filled the following time with great consternation . This was certainly magnified many times over for Cindy with nervous anticipation and fear which we shared and pain which I could only empathize with. However, at the time of baby's arrival all fear, anxiety and yes even pain were overwhelmed by great joy based on pure love.

This personal experience, I believe, is just a faint reflection of what we can anticipate when Christ arrives fully into our lives. Use these final days of anticipation to appreciate the joy of Christ's first coming and then apply this practice of watchfulness, preparedness and hopeful anticipation each week as you prepare for Christ coming at our Sunday Celebration of the Mass.


On this Third Sunday of Advent, what do you have to rejoice about? How are your Advent preparations for Christmas going?

 Personal Commitment:  My offering to the Lord

Download, complete and bring to Mass on Sunday, Oct 26

 No Sunday Mass or Penance Service at Aurora 12/21
We are still hoping to have Mass on Christmas Eve at 10:00p.m. if the new boiler is installed in time.


Mass Schedule


Mass: 8:30AM at St. Patrick’s, Moravia
Mass: 12:15PM at St. Patrick’s, Aurora
Mass: 10:30AM at Our Lady of the Lake, King Ferry


Mass: 4:00PM at St. Michael’s, Union Springs


Mass: 9:00AM at St Patrick's , Moravia
Mass: 9:30AM at Howd Nursing Home , Moravia (2nd Tues Only)


Mass: 9:00AM at St. Patrick’s, Aurora


Mass: 9:00AM at St. Patrick’s, Aurora


NO Mass
First Friday: 9:00AM at Our Lady of the Lake, King Ferry followed by Benediction.


Mass: 5:00PM at St. Michael’s, Union Springs


Good Shepherd Catholic Community Epiphany Party at the Aurora Inn Lakeside Room, Saturday, January 10th. $18/person; $35/couple. Reservations due by Jan. 3 & 4, with payment to Theresa Green, Mary Kula, Val Collins, Pat Bianconi or Sharon Culver.

March for Life Chartered Bus Trip, Washington, D.C. Bus departs Ithaca 11:30PM, Jan. 21st. Returning before Midnight, Jan. 22nd. Cost $60 per seat; Ages: 11 yrs. & older. Reservations/details contact Mary Ann Tissot 246-7479.

Catholic Ministries Appeal 2014 Update:

Goal                                           $27,578
Total Pledged                              $24,534
No. of Parishioners given              118
Percentage of goal                       88.96%


HANDS OF CHRIST is a program sponsored by the Diocese of Rochester to assist  parishes in affirming their high school seniors who have been the “Hands of Christ” in their church, home, school and community. The criteria for this award is as follows: Demonstrates a Christian attitude by word and example; Has been actively involved in parish life as well as school and community; Has been a positive role model for peers, children & adults; Is a practicing Roman Catholic in the Diocese of Rochester.  If you have a graduating senior in your church that you would like to nominate, please call the church office with their name.

SPECIAL THANK YOU to all the parishioners who supported our Faith Formation Advent Mission Project—Food For the Poor. We raised $515! Students will be invited to decide how to allocate the donations. Again, thank you!

CHRISTMAS PAGEANTS will be held at St. Patrick’s, Moravia and Our Lady of the Lake, King Ferry. Anyone interested in participating, should see Madeline Raymond and Val Peppe at St. Patrick’s and Mariann Fessenden a Our Lady of the Lake. Christmas pageants will be held before Mass on Christmas Eve.



 Christmas Vigil: Wednesday, December 24th:
       5:00pm at St. Patrick’s, Moravia
       6:30pm at Our Lady of the Lake, King Ferry
      10:00pm at St. Patrick’s, Aurora (Midnight Mass readings)

 Christmas Day, Thursday, December 25th:
       9:30am at St. Michael’s, Union Springs



 New Year’s Eve: Wednesday, December 31st:
       4:00pm at St. Michael’s, Union Springs
       6:00pm at St. Patrick’s, Moravia

New Year’s Day, Thursday, January 1st:
       9:00am at St. Patrick’s, Aurora
     10:30am at Our Lady of the Lake, King Ferry


Weekly Bulletins

Fruit Basket Project

Father Bill be working with the Youth of GSCC making fruit baskets for Christmas. The youth will be selling three size baskets for: $10.00, $12.50, and $25.00. You may want to buy one for yourself or your family, or give one as a gift for that hard to buy for person. You may also wish to donate a basket. Donated baskets will be delivered to people in our parishes who are in hospitals, needy, or housebound. A donated basket would be a beautiful way to tell the sick, needy and housebound that the parish
community cares for them. Orders will be taken for the Fruit Baskets in advance. Youth will be available after the weekend Masses on November29/30 and December 6/7.  Or you can fill out the order form and return it in the Sunday collection or drop it off at the parish office. Order Forms can be found in the church vestibules.   This project will be a fund raiser for our parish and will help support youth ministry.  The money raised will be used to help pay for the youth retreats and workshops that are available for our young people through the Diocesan Youth Ministry.  There will be two pick-up dates for orders.  You can order your baskets for the weekend of December 13/14 or the weekend of December 20/21.   Ordered baskets can be picked up at church after all the Masses on those weekends.   Please consider supporting this worthwhile project, it benefits so many people of all ages.