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To live by Faith    to be known by Love    to be a voice of Hope


For all of you who are new to this site, we thank you for visiting with us today.

If you do not have a parish family of your own, we invite you to join our parish family.
Good Shepherd Catholic Community is a catholic parish.
Catholic comes from the Greek meaning universal, international or all inclusive, and so, everyone is welcome here, no matter who you are, where you come from, your race, language or lifestyle, your age or income. Everyone is welcome here because we are all God’s family and this is his house.

Inclement Weather Notice

Masses will be celebrated on our usual schedule, but please know that the obligation for you to attend Mass is not binding (one is excused) if the current weather and road conditions make it difficult or dangerous for you to travel to Mass. Please stay safe.


Catholic Ministry Appeal Update

The annual Catholic Ministry Appeal for 2018/19 began in September; it is our hope that we can complete our parish phase of the appeal in the next few weeks. Each parish in our diocese is given a parish goal to help the diocese reach the overall CMA goal of $6,725,000, that helps to support our Diocesan Ministries. This is an annual commitment we have as a parish and as members of the Body of Christ. The following is a report of the progress of this year’s appeal as of January 7, 2019. Our goal for Good Shepherd Catholic Community is $37,686. So far 113 parishioner families of GSCC have pledged or given $29,311 or 77.78% of our goal. If you haven’t already taken the opportunity to support this year’s appeal, I ask you to please consider doing so. Your contribution will help support the many diocesan ministries and your gift would be greatly appreciated.
Next weekend, January 19/20, at all the Masses, we will be having an in-pew-solicitation for the CMA. If you haven’t yet given to this year’s appeal this will give you another opportunity to make a pledge to the CMA. As you enter church next weekend the ushers will be passing out CMA cards to each adult parishioner. Please take one even if you have already made your gift to this year’s appeal. We will be asking a member of each family to fill out a card. If you have already given to this year’s appeal please indicate how much you gave or pledged. By filling out the card we will be able to check to make sure that your gift was correctly credited towards our parish goal. In my last parish one parishioner had given a gift of $1,000 three years in a row. When he filled out the card at the parish in-pew-solicitation we discovered that his gifts had been credited to another parish! Errors do happen, but it is good to catch them! If you haven’t yet given to this year’s appeal and are able to support our diocesan ministries, please fill out the card and check the Yes box and list the dollar amount of your pledge. The Diocese will then send you a statement verifying your pledge and will inform you how to make payment on your pledge. If you choose you could make a check payable to The Diocese of Rochester for the amount of your gift and hand it in to the ushers with your filled out CMA Card. The ushers at Mass will be collecting the filled out CMA cards after the regular Sunday Offertory Collection. Thank you all for your generous support.

Update: as of Feb 12, 2019:


G.S.C.C. Parish Donors           $ Pledged      % of goal       Parish Goal

                                148              $36,784.        97.6%         $37,686

I thank those who have already responded to the Catholic Ministry Appeal with your generous support. If you have not yet given your support to the CMA, please do so today. Your gift helps to continue to spread the good news of Jesus our Lord from one generation to the next.





Daily Mass Schedule


Mass: 8:30AM at St. Patrick’s, Moravia
Mass: 10:30AM at Our Lady of the Lake, King Ferry
Mass: 9:00AM  at St. Patrick’s, Aurora


Mass: 9:00AM at St Patricks' Aurora


Mass: 9:00AM at St Patrick's , Moravia
Mass: 9:30AM at Howd Nursing Home , Moravia (2nd Tues Only)


No Mass


Mass: 4:00PM St Michael's Union Springs


9:00AM St Patrick's Aurora
First Friday: 9:00AM at Our Lady of the Lake, King Ferry followed by Benediction.


Mass: 5:00PM at St. Michael’s, Union Springs



Confessions will be held on First Fridays from 8:00am - 8:45am at Our Lady of the Lake before First Friday Mass & Benediction; at St. Michael Church on the first Saturday of each month from 4:00pm - 4:45pm and at St. Patrick’s, Moravia, before the 8:30am Sunday Mass beginning at 8:00am.


Mass Intentions
Week of Feb 17, 2019

Saturday: 2/16- Vigil of The 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Mass: 4:00PM at St. Michael’s, Union Springs
+For All Living & Deceased Members of GSCC

Sunday: 2/17- The Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Mass: 8:30AM at St. Patrick’s, Moravia
+For Cecelia Murphy by the Tibbits & Horner Families
Mass: 10:30 AM at Our Lady of the Lake, Church, King Ferry
+For Edwin Fessenden by Family
Mass: 12:00 PM at St. Patrick’s, Aurora
+For Lansing Miller by Mary Dunn

Monday: 2/18 - Washington’s Birthday
Mass: 9:00AM at St. Patrick’s, Aurora
+For Joseph D’Agostino & Schrader Family by Family

Tuesday: 2/19 – Weekday
Mass: 9:00AM at St. Patrick’s, Moravia
+For James Green by Arlene Murphy

Wednesday: 2/20 - Weekday
NO Mass

Thursday: 2/21 – St. Peter Damian
Mass: 4:00PM at St. Michael’s, Union Springs
+For Deceased Members of Hillman Family by John, Kate
and Barb

Friday: 2/22 - The Chair of St. Peter the Apostle
Mass: 9 :00AM at St. Patrick’s, Aurora
+For Helen Norton

Saturday: 2/23 - Vigil of the 7th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Mass: 4:00PM at St. Michael’s, Union Springs
+For Catherine Hartwig by Fr. Bill

Sunday: 2/24 – The Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time
Mass: 8:30 AM at Patrick’s, Moravia
+For All Living & Deceased Members of GSCC
Mass: 10:30AM at Our Lady of the Lake, King Ferry
+For Katie Maroney & Eric DeSanto by her Sister & Family
Mass: 12:00PM at St. Patrick’s, Aurora
+ For Bruce Culver by Family


Eternal God, from the very moment of creation you revealed that every good gift has its source in you. You shower your people with abundant blessings and provide for us with your provident care. Help us to use wisely the gifts of the earth that you have bestowed on us. Give us wisdom to use prudently the talents each one has that come from your hand. Afford us the insight to see opportunities to serve in the time you have given to us. May the treasure, talent, and time we possess be placed in service of you for the common good. Amen.


From the Office:

In the event of a serious illness or placement of a loved one in a Nursing Facility or Hospital, or when a family member or friend passes away, please call the rectory office as soon as possible at 364-7197, for Father Bill’s information. Thank you.

Remember to check when you travel!
And Remember, church bills don’t take A summer vacation.
Thank you for making up back envelopes!

Words from our Pastor

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Men's Retreat

March 22-24, 2019
Walk...Pray..and Talk with Jesus as you journey through the retraet weekend
“Our Spiritual Journey” at Notre Dame Retreat House, Canandaigua, 585 394 5700 or Come and journey with us this year on retreat with your parish men or women. If you feel sometimes lost, or confused, or maybe “stalled on the way”, join us, walk a brief while with us, and know that Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother always walk beside you. Men (March 22-24) Women (May 17-19); (Sept. 27-29)

The Cayuga County Office of the Aging Home Delivered Meal program

is seeking volunteers to bring a hot noon meal to homebound seniors in Auburn & rural areas of the county. Volunteers are needed as drivers, delivery partners and substitutes, with deliveries taking about 1 & 1/2—2 hours of the morning. For more information call 315 253 1550 or

A Community Mardi Gras Celebration

will take place on Saturday, March 2, 2019 at the Springside Inn from 6:45 ‘til 11:00pm, sponsored by St. Mary’s Church. The evening will feature indulgent food, extravagant drinks, DJ Good Time Charlie, picture booth, masks, beads. Tickets are  $65 each or 2/$125. Early bird special is $60 each or 2/$115, available at St. Mary’s parish office, Clark St., Auburn.

From Physics to Philosophy and Faith:

How a Career in Quantum Physics Led Me Back to the Catholic Church, with speaker Cr. Tomas Arias, Professor of Physics at Cornell University. The dinner talk is Tuesday, Feb. 19th at 6:30pm at K. of C. Reservations required by Feb. 17th by call/text 315 406 1538. Dinner cost is free for ages 18 to 30  and $10 for those 40 or older.

“Full of Love” is the theme of the Rochester Catholic Women’s Conference

on March 9, 2019 at the Aquinas Institute in Rochester. Speakers are Bp. Salvatore Matano, Karlo Broussard of Catholic Answers and Sr. Anne Catherine O.P of the Nashville Domincans. Register www.rochesterCWC.ord.



View our full Calander here


Prayer for Vocations

Loving and Generous God, it is You who call us by name and ask us to follow You. Help us to grow in the Love and Service of our Church as we experience it today.Give us the energy and courage of Your Spirit to shape its future. Grant us faith-filled leaders who will embrace Christ's     Mission of love and justice. Bless the Church of Rochester by raising up dedicated and generous leaders from our families and friends who will serve Your people as Sisters, Priests, Brothers, Deacons and Lay Ministers. Inspire us to know You better and open our hearts to hear Your call.  We ask this through our Lord.


“Thank You” to all of the adult and youth volunteers at Vacation Bible School this year. Your support is deeply appreciated!


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