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Summertime, a time for prayer

The calendar on this past Friday marked the beginning of summer. With all the rain we have had this year I have found myself still looking for spring. Hopefully though the warm sunny days of summer will be with us for a while. I know that my aching bones can use some dryer and warmer weather.

Posted on June 21, 2019


The summertime is often experienced as a time of relaxation and recreation, a time to enjoy the presence of family and friends. But, not all people like the heat and the humidity of summer; it can often get people’s nerves on end, leading to impatience and irritability. As we enter the warmer days of summer, I think that prayer is all the more important to help us keep our cool even when we are not cool!  Below are some summertime prayers to help us stay focused on God during the hot days of summer.  Through prayer God can help us to see each day as a  blessing and enjoy the company of one another, and the wonders of God’s creation. May each of us make these days of summer a time of prayer and enjoy the blessings of God and of each other.

Two events are coming up soon.  Both will be taking place in the lakeside yard behind the    parish office in Aurora.   The Blessing of the Boats will take place Friday, July 5th, and Vacation Bible School will take place on August 5 - August 8 at St. Patrick’s, Aurora, 9:30 a.m.—Noon.  The Theme of this year’s VBS is,“Splash Canyon”  It is a great experience for our youth and children.  Hope to see you there! 

God bless you,

Father Bill


A Summertime Prayer

Father, Creator of all, thank You for summer! Thank you for the warmth of the sun and the         increased daylight. Thank You for the beauty I see all around me and for the opportunity to be outside and enjoy Your creation. Thank You for the increased time I have to be with my friends and family, and for the more casual pace of the summer season. Draw me closer to You this summer. Teach me how I can pray no matter where I am or what I am doing.  Warm my soul with the awareness of Your presence and light my path with Your Word and Counsel. As I enjoy Your   creation, create in me a pure heart and a hunger and a thirst for You. Amen.


A Summer Prayer

Long warm days... The pace of life slows... A time for picnics and rest in the shade... Lord, help me to rest awhile in the cooling shade of your presence. Slow down my restless heart and fill me with gentle compassion for all your people. Amen. - Author unknown


A Summer Blessing

May you walk with God this summer in whatever you do and wherever you go.  Walking with God means...walking with honesty and with courage, walking with love and respect and concern for the feelings of others.  May you talk to God this summer and every day and in every situation.  Talking with God means...praying words of praise for the beauty of creation, saying prayers of thanks for friends and good times, asking God's help in all your decisions, expressing sorrow when you have failed.  May you talk with God every day.  Amen.  - Author unknown   


Words from our Pastor

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