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Notes from Father Bill

This week I am reminded of my Mother, Nan Clarke Moorby. Mom was born on October 7th, 1922 and died on October 10th, 2002. It is hard for me to fathom that it has been sixteen years since she died! Time seems to pass by so quickly! This week as the baseball playoffs began I was reminded of how my Mom once surprised me of her knowledge of the game. My Dad was the one who instilled in my brother and me a love for baseball, but Mom paid more attention to following the sport than I realized. One day we were talking about player’s stats and I was shocked when she knew what RBIs were. When I asked her, she stated; “Of course I know, they are Runs-Batted-In.” Then she added; “You don’t think that after all these years of listening to you and your Dad talk baseball that I wouldn’t know.”

Posted on October 4, 2018


It was with my Mom that I watched a World Series on TV for the first time.  We had just purchased our first television in the Fall of 1954 and Mom and I watched the New York Giants play the Cleveland Indians; (one of the few times in the Fifties that the New York Yankees were not in the World Series).  I remember saying to my Mom that it did not seem fair that Dad had to work and couldn’t watch the game since he was the big baseball fan.  I’m sure though that he was listening to the game on the radio at work.

While my Dad handed on to me a love of baseball, it was from Mom that I received a love of flower gardens, although both my parents loved gardening. Whenever I work in the gardens I think of them both and pray that they are in heaven.  I must say I can’t imagine a heaven without beautiful gardens and I hope there will be baseball in heaven too!

Catholic Ministry Appeal

 On a different note:  You should have received in the mail a letter from Bishop Matano asking you to support this year’s Catholic Ministry Appeal.  As I mentioned at Mass last Sunday there were 4,000 of the 100,000 letters that were sent out that were sorted incorrectly.  The name on the mailing envelope did not match the letter inside.  The diocese apologies for the mix up.  If you had received an incorrect letter you should by now have received a corrected letter in the mail explaining to you how you can support this year’s appeal.

On the Diocesan Website found at you can view a video about this year’s appeal, Sharing Our Blessings”.   Also on the webpage you can make your pledge to the appeal online as an alternative to mailing your pledge card and gift directly to the diocese.  I thank you for your ongoing support of the diocesan ministries through the CMA.

 2018/2019 Parish Budget

 A few weeks ago in the bulletin you received a financial report for the 2017/18 fiscal year that include our budget for the 2018/2019 fiscal year.  Since that time we have received new prices for our heating oil.  The prices went up considerable from last year, so our Finance Council has added an additional $5000 for fuel expense to our projected 2018/19 budget.  So far this year we have had two collections for Fuel on the Fourth of July and Labor Day weekends and people have been generous.  We have Fuel Collections scheduled during the winter months, with the oil prices rising, I ask you to please continue your generous support.


Do you shop or pay bills on-line?  Do you reach for you debit/credit card before the check book or even cash?  If you are so inclined, you may want to explore another contribution option that Good Shepherd is promoting.  It’s called WeShare and is offered through Liturgical Publications, Inc.  Here's the web address:   This platform provides a secure, easy to use system DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR PARISHIONERS TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE CHURCH.  This system provides bank level security and a very simple, user-friendly interface.   Parishioners have complete and personal control with 24/7 access.  It is flexible in that you can schedule contributions however you like, whenever you like; by bank account or by debit card or by credit card.  It provides complete history as well.  You control it.  You have access at any time.  It provides reports for personal budgets or tax time.  They offer customer service, too.   If you are interested in this contribution option check it out online if you have questions please asks us at the parish office. 

God bless you,  Father Bill


Words from our Pastor

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