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Holy Week - The Triduum

Today as we celebrate Palm Sunday we enter the most solemn week of the Church Year – the final, intense days of Lent and the great days of the Triduum. This week, called holy by our ancestors, calls us to focus our attention and energy on the observance of the Paschal Mystery.

Posted on April 16, 2019


The Triduum:  The first thing to recognize about the Triduum is that it means ―The Three Days‖. The Triduum is a unified observance that extends over three days, and forms its own unique and central part of the liturgical year. Lent ends on Holy Thursday afternoon. The Triduum begins with the Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper and concludes on Easter Sunday evening.

The Church is called to enter into a period of prayer, fasting and vigilance, which reaches its climax at the Easter Vigil. The principal liturgies even suggest the unity of the Triduum by the way they end and begin. On Thursday, there is no dismissal or conclusion; we conclude in silence and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament will follow in the church until 10:30 p.m.   On Friday, as we celebrate the Lord’s Passion, we gather and leave with no introductory or concluding rites; and at the Vigil we gather around a fire and begin without the usual introductory rites.  The Triduum then begins on Thursday and doesn’t conclude until after the Vigil, with Easter Sunday as a kind of extension of the celebration of the Vigil.

These days are the central movement around which all else revolves. The Triduum gives meaning to Lent, which precedes it, and to the Fifty Days of Easter that follow. As the Lent-Easter cycle is the core of the year, so the Triduum is the core of Lent-Easter. These days are central because they draw us into the heart of our identity as church. The paschal mystery of Jesus’ death and resurrection is the core of our faith and our participation in the mystery through the celebration of baptism defines what it means to be Christian and what it means for the community to be church.  This year, Holy Thursday and Good Friday services will be celebrated at St. Patrick Church, Moravia, and the Easter Vigil will be celebrated at  St. Patrick Church, Aurora.

We realize that some people may have difficulty driving to another church, especially the elderly who don’t feel safe driving at night beyond their familiar comfort zone. We don’t want anyone to miss the Triduum services because of the distance. If you need a ride to the services please call the church office (364-7197) and we will work to help arrange a ride for you.

The times of the Holy Week services are listed below.   I encourage you and your families to attend the Holy Week services as we celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord.  In these days of Lent, may you experience the healing forgiveness and love of  our God.  God Bless you, Father Bill


Organ for St. Patrick Church, Aurora  St. Patrick is in the process of getting a refurbished  Allen Organ. Our current  Allen Organ is an older model and the necessary repairs  it needs  to work properly are cost prohibitive.  So we have made a decision to trade our current organ in for  a newer refurbished model. The cost of the Organ will be $7,995.  The cost includes  delivery, setup and the removal of the old organ, and it comes with a two year warranty.  This is an expenditure that was not budgeted but  it is an opportunity to purchase a working organ before our current one completely fails.  To help cover the cost I ask you to consider making a donation  to the parish memorial fund.  I myself am making a donation towards the cost of the organ in memory of my parents.  Please  consider  making a  donation, envelopes for donations will be in the church vestibule .  You can drop your donation in the Sunday collection basket or  send it to the church office.  Thank you for your support, Father Bill


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