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Happy Mother’s Day!

As we continue to celebrate our “New Birth” in the Lord on this Seventh Sunday of Easter, we remember today our mothers who gave us birth, and the women who helped to teach us and nurture us physically and spiritually in our childhood and beyond. Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers.

Posted on May 8, 2016


My own Mother, Grandmothers and Godmother have all passed away and I pray they are at peace with Jesus and His Mother, Mary in heaven. But, each Mother’s Day I cannot help but think of all the special things they did for me and the blessings I received from them in my life.

My Mom loved to bake, and she always made special things for holidays and birthdays. Her Christmas cookies were delicious, and what a variety she made! But, Mom also made cookies for the “smaller holidays,” shamrock cookies for St. Patrick’s Day, and heart cookies for Valentine’s Day; she would frost and decorate them to add her own special touch. I remember my first year in college receiving Valentine cookies in the mail from her that I knew were baked in love. I remember also my 10th birthday, the “double digit” birthday as I have always called it. Mom had a party for me and invited all my school friends and she made a special cake for the occasion, or I should say cakes. She made a circus train cake for me, each car being a separate cake!  Fifty five years later and I have never forgotten. I have also never forgotten the many ways she showed me her love and showed me her willingness to do things for others. In her later years she continued to make cookies and would bring the Christmas, Easter, shamrocks, and heart cookies to the people in the nursing homes that she regularly visited and brought Holy Communion to on a weekly basis. Yes, Mom taught me many lessons in life.

I also have many fond memories of my Grandmother Moorby and my Grandmother Clarke. When I was little, I loved to visit my Dad’s parents who lived at the time in Cooperstown. Grandpa Moorby always baked pies and tarts, and Grandma Moorby always had the candy dish full, so my sweet tooth yearned for the visits. I remember one Saturday evening my Mom and Dad had planned to go to Cooperstown to do some shopping and to go to St. Mary Church to go to confession. The plan was they would drop me off at my Grandparent’s house and then pick me up afterwards. I was looking forward to the visit all day! The trouble was I fell asleep before my parents left our house in Milford and the next thing I remember was my Mom was taking my clothes off to put my pajamas on me. I said to her am I going to wear my pajamas to Grandpa and Grandma’s house? Mom started to laugh and said, “We have already been there.” I had slept through the whole evening visit! Needless to say I was greatly upset!

My Grandmother Clarke, my brother, and sisters and I called “Mom.” It was a little confusing at times when both my Mom and Grandma were present, but I could blame that on my sisters. My sisters Sharon and Cathy were toddlers when my Dad went into the Army in 1945, and my Mom and sisters moved in with my Mom’s parents. Being the first grandchildren, they could hardly be blamed for calling Grandma “Mom” that was the only way they heard her referred to by my Mom and her sisters and brother. So for me the “Mom” title stuck for her until I was college age and began calling her “Gram.” Gram lived until she was 92. She was in Fox Hospital Nursing Home for many years before her death, but she loved to go to Brook’s BBQ in Oneonta and I would often take her there when I was back visiting. She loved their Rainbow Trout!

My Godmother Mary was more like my God-grandmother. She was only two years younger than my Grandmother Clarke. I have written about her in the past. She was a neighbor of our family when I was born, and our family at the time was living in West Oneonta. She likewise was a good example for me in the way she would continually help her neighbors and never missed going to church. Like my Mother and Grandmothers I also enjoyed visiting her on her farm through the years because of her cookies! She made a cookie she called a “Castle Cookie” that was so moist and so delicious. I only wish I had the receipt!

I thank God for all the “Mothers” in my life and hold their memories dear. On this special day I wish all “Mothers” a blessed Day. And remember, if your mothers are still with you let them know how much they mean to you.

God bless you,

Father Bill


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