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Good Samaritans

This past Sunday the gospel reading was the story of the Good Samaritan. Sunday afternoon I was very grateful that Good Samaritans do exist! It was a beautiful day and I decided to take my kayak out on the lake.

Posted on July 21, 2019


I had tried to venture out on Saturday but I had trouble with the seat in the kayak.  I tried to rig it up to make it useable but I was unsuccessful and decided to abandon the attempt.  Sunday afternoon I gave it a try again.  This time I put a floatation devise behind the seat and it worked fine.  I was out on the lake in earnest for the first time this summer and I headed north.  It was quite breezy and the waves were coming from the northwest against the kayak but I was managing fine.  But the wind caught my baseball cap and it flew into the water.  I circled around a few time to come alongside the cap but when I reached to grab it the kayak tipped over!  I found myself floating in the lake!

I tried to hold onto the kayak but the wind was moving it fast so I let it go.  I figured it would come ashore down the lake.  I was more concerned with getting myself onto to the Village dock behind the Aurora Inn.  I soon realize that it is not easy to maneuver and swim with a floatation vest on but I did manage to get to the pier. That is where the Good Samaritans appeared.  A woman came out on the pier and helped me out.  Holding on to the pier I took off the vest and handed it to her along with the paddle and oh yes my baseball cap that I “rescued”. 

The woman then helped me climb out of the water onto the pier.  That was when I noticed three other Good Samaritans in a boat that was tied to the pier.  One of them dove into the water and swam to my kayak and brought it to back to the pier.  I was quite out of breath through this ordeal, but the two men in the boat helped me further to get the kayak to the shoreline and tip the kayak over to get the water out of it.  The woman who first helped me went to get her car to drive me back to the church.  I decided in the end not to take her kind offer of a ride.  Instead I decided to just sit for a while to catch my breath and then venture out in the kayak back to the rectory.  I must say I was very happy to get back to the rectory and have the kayak safely on land!  If my cap every blows off again I will leave it as an offering to the creatures of the lake.  I just thank God that there are still Good Samaritans among us.  I mentioned to my rescuers that the gospel reading in church was the story of the Good Samaritan and thanked them for being one to me.  I don’t know if I will ever see them again but I will always be grateful for their assistance. 

After my ordeal in the water I called my sister Sharon to find out how she was doing after her last chemotherapy treatment.  To my surprise my niece answered and told me she had a rough few days and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. I talked to her this morning and Sharon told me she is doing much better and was hoping to go back home in a day or two.  I was happy she is doing better, but please continue to keep her in your prayers.


God’s blessing and peace,

Father Bill


Ithaca Loves Life!         

launched its first Monthly Prayer Vigil Saturday July 27, 2019 across the street from Planned Parenthood on Seneca St, Ithaca. 5 stood in prayer. Were we noticed? Yes, we were!  Please consider joining  the Prayer Vigil in support of Life.

These monthly prayer vigils will be held every 4th Saturday of the month, 9-10:30am.

These vigils are a peaceful, prayerful public witness to end Abortion and to offer information to the abortion-minded. Our next monthly Prayer Vigil is August 24th from 9-10:30AM.

Please, mark your calendar! Let's unite and boldly come together in love for 90 minutes each month.   For more information call:  MaryAnne Tissot (315-246-4749) or Carolann Darling (607-351-6668)


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