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Future Visioning Day Report:

Two weeks ago at our Future Visioning session in Scipio Center, those in attendance were asked to make a statement about our parish based on the values that our parish saw as most important when we surveyed you at Mass.

Posted on May 12, 2015


Eight different groups were formed and below are the statements they independently created. You will notice how similar they are. Going forward the Pastoral Council will use these statement to help formulate a Vision Statement for our parish.

Team Value Statements

  • We are a spiritual faith filled community that acts with love and respect to support our family and community.
  • From the foundation that the virtues of spirituality and love provide, we can build a community of respect and support of these same virtues in family life.
  • Good Shepherd Community is a spiritual family of love, respect and support!!
  • We are Good Shepherd Catholic Community. We value and respect our fellow parishioners in Christian love.
  • We need to have common goals and respect for everyone’s needs and concerns. – Community comes together as a family! – Spiritual support - …Our church is a family. We love and respect one another. We support each other and our church as a community. Our focus is common Spirituality!
  • Our parish is a community of believers devoted to growing in our spirituality and love of God and respect and support for one another.
  • A Parish built on Trust and Respect of Family and Love of Community to guide the development of individual Spirituality.
  • Our spirituality will bring us together as a strong, family-oriented community that demonstrates our respect for all diverse values with love and support.

During the April 26 meeting we also developed a lists of actions that would help to strengthen our parish that were in line with the values we see as most important. The like or similar actions were grouped together and people were asked to choose to work on the area in which they were most interested and begin to develop action plans.

The following are some of the action groupings that the small groups worked on and actions that they began to develop, and the number of members in that work group.

  • Spiritual Growth  Action: Retreats Action: Eucharistic Adoration (5 team members)
  • Youth Ministry/Involvement Action: Youth Group Activity Rectory Beautification (4 team members)
  • Increased parish-wide communications Action: Create a Monthly Newsletter, Website promotion (6 team members)
  • Training for Lay Ministers  Action: Training for Lay Ministers (6 team members)
  • Parish-wide Social Events   Action: Parish Picnic (4 Team Members)
  • Parish-wide volunteer ministries Action: Musicians Ministry Action: Bereavement Ministry (4 team members)
  • One parish-wide physical gathering site   Action: find central location (2 team members)

If you are interested in working on any of these actions please let us know by calling the office. The Pastoral Council will be looking at other Action Groupings that were not addressed at the April meeting. Some actions will be short term, some will be long term, others might not be feasible at this time. As we go forward it is my hope that we will continue to work together to strengthen our parish.

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