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Faith Formation and Vacation Bible School

Our Faith Formation classes are concluding until we meet again in the Fall. Once again it has been a busy year. We had 20 students enrolled in our Faith Formation program and 13 students making their Confirmation. We had one student preparing and receiving the Sacraments of First Penance/Reconciliation and First Eucharist. We have a plethora of parents involved in leading their children’s studies. Parents are the primary educators of their children in the ways of the faith. We are certainly blessed here at Good Shepherd to have the support of so many parents. Special thank you to the Catechists for their ministry and parents for supporting the program this past year.

Posted by Fr. Bill on May 20, 2019

This summer we are offering Vacation Bible School, August 5-8 at St Patrick’s, Aurora. This is the eighth time we have offered a summer program. ( hard to believe!) The theme this year is “Splash Canyon”. Vacation Bible School begins each day at 9:30am with praise songs on the lawn. Each group of VBS students travel with their Group Leader to the various stations which include Bible, Craft and Game Centers. We gather together again at 11:30am for a snack and fellowship and close our day together with more praise songs.

This year we begin our week together with the story of Moses. Baby Moses was in great danger of Pharaoh. God was with him, saving him by using Pharaoh’s own daughter. Moses became a great leader. He was the “lawgiver” chosen by the Lord to receive the Ten Commandments to guide the lives and worship of the Israelite people. Moses was also described as a prophet who preached God’s words of judgment and promise to the people. The students will hear that God’s promise includes guiding us and being with us every day.

Day 2 we hear about the prophet Joshua. Joshua was chosen to lead Israel after Moses died. The name Joshua means “The Lord saves” and those who trust in the Lord will receive the Lord’s help. Joshua was part of a great story, which tells of Israel’s life as God’s special people in the promised land. The land was a gift from the Lord, and remaining loyal to the Lord and the Lord’s law were the conditions for keeping the land. God kept his promise. God keeps his promise with us.

Day 3 we are introduced to a man named Naaman. Naaman was the commander of the army for the king of Syria. An important man. Naaman had leprosy. He met the prophet Elisha who advises him to go to the Jordan River for healing. So reluctantly Naaman goes to the Jordan River where he is healed of his leprosy. He learns that there is a God who loved and cared for him. Lesson 3 reminds us of God’s faithfulness. The final day we hear how God saves Paul. Paul was chosen to be an apostle and preach the Good News. Paul was part of a religious group called the Pharisees, who believed that people could serve God best by obeying the Law of Moses. Paul survives many obstacles during his ministry, knowing that God was with him. Each of the Bible stories demonstrate how God is instrumental in changing lives. The common thread thru out our week together is that God is with us, God gives us life, God is our hope and God is faithful all the time. Join us for Vacation Bible School. To register please fill out the form, which is available at each of the churches, and return it to us by placing it in the collection basket or sending it in the mail. Hope to see you there!  Marilyn Paradise


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