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Come Holy Spirit!

Come Holy Spirit. Come into my life. A simple prayer but a powerful one. I have mentioned in the past that it was when I began to ask the Holy Spirit to come into my life that I first realized that God had a plan in mind for me.

Posted on February 8, 2020



When I began to invite the Holy Spirit into my life and into my heart I began to experience the healing love of God and to become aware of God’s love for me!  My openness to the Holy Spirit has taken me on a journey to the priesthood, but the greatest gift I have received from inviting the Holy Spirit to come into my life is the sense of the abiding presence of God being with me in my daily journeys.  There have been many ups and downs, joys and sorrows since I invited the Holy Spirit into my life, but no matter what life has dealt, I know that the Holy Spirit will give me the needed healing, strength, and guidance to face whatever may come into my life.  I also know that that confidence is not from me, but is itself a gift of the Holy Spirit.


I mentioned last Sunday a series of teachings on the Holy Spirit called, The Wild Goose, that is designed to help people discover a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit.  The presenter of the series, Fr. Dave Pivonka, TOR, is a nationally known author and speaker dedicated to helping others come to know God’s love for them through preaching and writing.  This series is offered to everyone free of charge on his website:  I have also purchased a DVD set of the series to enable it to be viewed without an internet connection.  I share with you now, this information right from the Wild Goose website, about the series as described by Father Dave Pivonka.


“The Wild Goose Series is fourteen independent segments dealing with different experiences of the Holy Spirit. For the most part, each segment stands on its own so you do not have to watch them in any particular order. However, the first three segments give a type of foundation to the others, so I would suggest that you start with these.   While I certainly hope that you watch each segment, I would suggest that you not binge watch. Take your time working through the series. I can’t encourage this enough, take your time and pray at the conclusion of an episode.


The series has been created to be a blessing to an individual who watches alone and to groups so it is not necessary that you be a part of a group. In fact, “alone time” is an important part of the series. 

However, I would hope that you would also invite others to join you in journeying with the Wild Goose. Consider watching and discussing the contents of an episode with a few other people, friends, family, or couples from your parish. You do not necessarily have to watch it together at the same time and place; that may be nice, but not very practical. Nevertheless please think about inviting others to join you. After watching each episode share your thoughts and reflections with each other over a cup of coffee or a stout, Facebook, a phone call, email, texts, or smoke signals: whatever allows you to talk about what you heard God say through the particular episode. This also provides an opportunity for you to share the fruit from your prayer and reflection. There is a great power in our ability to articulate and share what we see God doing. This is where the discussion questions and prayer section will very much come in handy. I am so excited about what God is going to do in your life through the Wild Goose. You are always welcome to share testimonies of the wonderful things God is doing on my website:  Once again, thank you for being a part of what God is doing. Be assured of my continued thoughts and prayers.     Come Holy Spirit “       Father Dave Pivonka. TOR

I will be offering to show the series after the 4:00p.m.Saturday Mass at St. Michael during Lent, beginning February 29th. (A good day to leap into it.)  I will also offer the series on Tuesday morning at St. Patrick,    Moravia, after the morning Mass..  I invite you to consider sharing this series with others, either in your homes or at one of our churches.  After Mass at a coffee hour might be a good time!  If you are willing to host a group or lead a group to view this series, please give me a call at 315-364-7197 or email me at

My prayer is that the Holy Spirit may daily fill our hearts with God’s love . 

God’s blessings and peace, Father Bill



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