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A Back to School Prayer for College Students

This past weekend I spoke to a number of parents who saw their children off to college for their freshman year. It is always a trying time for parents seeing their children leave the “nest” for the first time, but in this year with the concerns of dealing with the coronavirus, the normal parental worries are multiplied.

Posted on August 29, 2020


Hopefully, the year will go smoothly and safely for students and faculties across the land on college campuses, and students will be prudent and careful in following the safeguards necessary to prevent the spread of the virus.  That has not been the case at some of the colleges and universities that have already started their school years.  In-person classes have already been suspended in some of the nations largest institutions of learning as students have tested positive for Covid-19. On-line and remote learning scenarios will likely become the norm for many students this year.  Life on campus will be far from normal! But if students are going to have the experience of in-person classes this year, life on campus will have to be far from normal!  The normal ways of gathering and socializing on campuses is far from the social distancing rules that are being called to prevent the spread of this disease. It will not be easy for the students on campuses.  May we keep them in our prayers.  Below is a prayer for college students.                       God’s blessings and peace, and may we all be safe in these trying times.  Father Bill


A Back to School Prayer for College Students 

Lord, we pray for the many college students returning to colleges and universities across the country whether in person or virtually. We know these students are trying to get degrees so they can eventually have a job or trade in the workforce and support themselves, so we know it can feel overwhelming when plans change or seem to be delayed. Not only does this cause stress and fear over the future for students but it can cause stress for parents as well, especially financially. Please come alongside these parents and college students to reassure them of your presence and peace. Remind them through Your Word that though things may not go the way we plan or even hope, there is purpose in everything because You are sovereign over all and You work through all circumstances. Help us to rely on You for all of our concerns, whether they are financial, academic, spiritual, or others. May this year be a year of growth for all of us Lord, but especially our college students as they make decisions that will impact their future. 

Holy Spirit, please grant these students the self-discipline to complete their classwork through virtual means and safety when they come in contact with other students for study or community. We pray that these students would not disregard precautions that need to be taken out of a false sense of security. We also pray that our students would not be fearful, rather we pray that they would be hopeful about the future and that they would be content with what they currently have and the direction they are heading in. Help us to think of others more than we think of ourselves, and help us look to You, God, above all other things. May our troubled minds rest on the things above and find joy in Your steadfast love for us. In Your name above all names, Jesus, amen. 

Lord, thank You for hearing the prayers on our lips and the prayers in our hearts. May we seek to trust You more and more each day for all things, at all times, in all our ways. You never change, God; You are the same yesterday and today and tomorrow. Help us to draw comfort from your sovereign presence and loving nearness. Thank You for who You are, our almighty and wonderful Triune God, our Savior and Prince of Peace, our Everlasting Father, and Holy Spirit within us. Thank You for all the blessings You have given us and help us not to overlook them in times of struggle and strife. Amen.                                        A prayer found on-line at       Liz Auld

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Senior Editor


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