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2019-2020 Catholic Ministry Appeal: "I Am the vine, you are the branches "

Our Diocese of Rochester has launched the 2019-2020 Catholic Ministry Appeal. The purpose and necessity for the CMA is unchanged after nearly 40 years. We are responsible for continuing the Church’s mission throughout good times and bad – through prosperous times and lean times and yes even in this time when our diocese is going through reorganization.

Posted on September 29, 2019


People are still poor, hungry, in need of pastoral care, education and employment.  The faithful are in need of ministry and a vibrant parish life.  Our youth and young adults are yearning to learn and grow in their relationship with Christ.  The Church and our Diocese are in need of trained and educated seminarians, deacons and pastoral leaders to lead our Church into the future.  We cannot close our eyes to these needs even in these difficult times for the Church.

Gifts to the CMA can only be used for those items outlined in the budgeted CMA Allocations, in summary:

Diocesan-wide services to parishes & institutions

Serving people in need through Catholic Charities

Educating our young in the Catholic Faith

Supporting Priests, Deacons Pastoral Leaders & Vocations

Funding Ministries of our Pope & Bishops

Funding Operations & Support Services

Cost related to running the CMA campaign

No gifts to the CMA will be used to satisfy legal fees or settlement cost associated with sexual abuse.

The theme for this year’s campaign is I Am the vine, you are the branches.  The CMA gives each of us an opportunity to bear good fruit and live out our purpose as the branches of the true vine, Jesus Christ.  Through gifts to the CMA, we support the larger Church so that it may meet real needs throughout the Diocese.  Your support enables the Church to be responsive and caring in fulfilling its mission.

I have made my personal gift this year to help Good Shepherd Catholic Community reach our parish goal.  I sincerely hope that you will as well. The CMA goal this year is the same as last year, $6.725 million, and our parish goal is likewise the same as last year, $37,686.  Last year there were 151 donors from GSCC who gave to the appeal.  Hopefully, this year we can increase the number of households who participate.  It is my hope that we can increase the number of donors this year by 10%.  Remember the size of your gift is not what is important, your participation in giving to the CMA is what help to make the difference and helps to insure the      ongoing ministries of the Church.  In the center aisle in the entrance way of the church are brochures with more information about the CMA.  If you are new to the parish or if you haven’t given to the CMA in the past I especially ask you to pick-up a brochure to find out more about the CMA and to prayerfully consider giving a gift this year to support the diocesan ministries and to help our parish reach our goal.  If you have given to the CMA in the past, you will receive a letter in the mail with your pledge card during the week of October 15th.

How much should I give?

That is a personal decision you must make. Each of us is called to reflect the compassion and generosity of Jesus, who gave his very life for us. We are called to be good stewards of all the many blessings God has bestowed on us as we follow him in true discipleship. It means God asks us to use our blessings well, to help others, to share our bounty so that our wealth, however large or small, does good for God and returns to God with increase.

Your gift to the CMA can be made directly by filling out the pledge card in the brochure or the one you receive in the mail and mailing it directly to the Diocese or by putting it in the Sunday collection basket.  Your pledge does not need to be paid all at once. You can make a pledge and make payments on your pledge through May of 2020. 

You can also give on-line at the Diocesan website: and make your gift for Good Shepherd Catholic Community, Aurora (337).  You can also find on the website a CMA FAQ Relating to the Child Victim Act (CVA) and Bankruptcy/Reorganization, as well as a video from Bishop Matano and FAQ about the Diocesan Reorganization. If you have questions or concerns, please view this information.  I know these are trying times but I pray that each of us does our part to assist the Church in ministering the healing love and compassion of Jesus in our diocese and in our world. God’s blessings and peace, Fr. Bill


Words from our Pastor

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