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2020 Introduction Talk

We, the members of Parish Pastoral Council, have given thought and prayer on what we felt was paramount for immediate Parish goals, which will contribute to bringing us together as a collective Parish and not just individual worship sites. The concepts of Communication, Stewardship and Spiritual Growth were the ones that stood out.

Posted on January 17, 2020


Communication: The Parish Pastoral Council overwhelmingly agreed that communication was essential and the first point to be discussed. This message (also read at all Masses on January 11-12) is the first step in welcoming you to engage with us and know we are here for questions and conversation. Current agenda and council information should be and will be shared with you. The parish website is being updated with links to current Council information as well being mentioned in the bulletin.

Many people may not know exactly what the Parish Pastoral Council does or what is asked of the members. This may have led to hesitancy with questions or in considering serving on Parish Pastoral Council. We welcome a free flow of information on what is being discussed as this may spark an idea or area of interest where we would benefit by your input, or have you consider being a future member where you could further contribute.

A picture of the current Council members has been placed in each church and we welcome all of you to view it to put “a face to the name” to those of us with whom you may be unfamiliar simply due to location. Please see your Council members as those who will advocate for suggestions and concerns and who will also be respectful in knowing that we all have a voice in the Parish. We welcome communication through verbal conversation or through use of suggestion boxes that have been placed at the worship sites to assist with the relay of information to Father Moorby and the Parish Pastoral Council.

Stewardship: Parishioners have previously been asked to share skillsets that they would be willing to share with the Parish. In revisiting this we want to tap into these resources, to whatever degree you can provide. By utilizing our Communication we can share concerns, upcoming projects, or needs of a Parish member. This can lead to us networking with a person or agency that was suggested by a member. We’ll be looking at past surveys and may distribute a new one to have a fresh view of currently-available resources. We will also share events where we are seeking a specific group such as teen or youth activities where students can earn community service hours towards school projects or
Honor Society. Postings of these will appear on easel message boards at each worship site. 

Spiritual Growth: In serving on the Parish Pastoral Council we collectively agreed that we should always be looking to grow in our faith. Know that the role of Council members is not just to sit through meetings or take notes. It is also another way to work with each other and with the collective Parish, looking for events or avenues that will help all to keep an active, inquisitive faith. This is another piece to those who may be asked to consider serving on Council in future sessions.  

Ultimately, know that the Parish Pastoral Council is an extension of the entire Parish and we welcome sharing information, working together and growing in our faith, now and always.                        

Your Parish Pastoral Council

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