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2020-2021 Membership List

Ann Miller  <>
Stephen Cardinal <>
Janet Nelson <>
Maria Gentry <>
Stephanie Lehman <>
Bridget Davis <>
John Schmitt   <>

Additional contact:

Fr Bill Moorby   <>
Robin Driskel   <>
Dawn Burdick or call 607-288-2476


Third Thursday of the month

September 17, 2020

October 15, 2020

November 19, 2020

January 21, 2021

February 18, 2021

April 15, 2021

May 20 2021

June 17, 2021   PICNIC meeting

Minutes of Council Meetings

September 16, 2019

Good Shepherd Parish Council minutes – Sept. 16th, 2019 meeting
Steve Cardinal, Janet Nelson, Terry Palmer, Joe DeCaro, Kevin Homick, Maria Gentry, Fr. Bill
Steve- Opening prayer and reading. Faith sharing questions were discussed
May minutes approved. Steve 1st , Kevin 2nd
Pastor’s updates
Diocese bankruptcy. Diocese mtg. 9/18 , Father attending. Maria asked if there is a healing
component that we as a parish can take part in. Spiritual healing vs. monetary healing to deal
with the recovery of the abuse scandal.
CMA goal for 2019-20 is $37,686. This is the same as last year.
We got a “green” audit recently. Trustee mtg. is Sept. 30 th .
Bldgs. and Grounds Com. met last week at St. Michael. The dedicating of the new window will
be the Sat. the 28 th . The steeple at OLOL is completed.
Migrant ministry: Spanish mass takes place once a month with a meal after. Volunteers are
needed. Contact Marianne Fessenden-chair
Cemetery committee- Grant projects are being worked on at all sites. Next mtg. is Oct. 28 th .
Father read Bishop’s statement related to a survey dealing with transubstantiation. The
results of the survey indicate that education may need to be needed for understanding.
Goal Planning Activity - Led by Janet Nelson
-went over process of goal planning for our group
-listed goals that we might consider
-gave each other ideas to start our goals
-Father suggested we take a picture at the next mtg. of the present council members and post
it at all churches so the congregation knows who they are and help fielding
improvement/concern suggestions.
Closing prayer – Steve Cardinal
Steve mentioned that he is involved with ministry at Moravia Correctional facility. Also that
October is the month of the rosary. Wed. am at St. Michael and Sun. before mass at St.

October 21, 2019

Janet Nelson, Terry Palmer, Joe DeCaro, Kevin Homick, Maria Gentry Fr. Bill Moorby, Bridget
Davis. Excused: Steve Cardinal
Opening prayer, readings, faith sharing questions led by Fr. Bill
Sept. minutes approved: 1st Janet, 2nd Kevin
Pastor’s updates
Trustees met with Finance Committee. A budget report was inserted in the bulletin 10-13-19
CMA letters are on the way (note: received mine 10-28-19)
The parish received a “green audit” with a few little items to clean up
Bldgs. and Grounds Committee: St. Michaels had some roof work done, a few windows in the
rectory need repairs. There is still some money in the Memorial Fund to cover that.
Cemetery Committee: Grant projects are in progress. Driveway in Aurora is complete. Waiting
for a survey for the old St. Bernard’s cemetery. Clean up in all Nov.1st thru 15 th .
Goal Planning Activity -Led by Janet Nelson
Handout- Went over our 3 main goals: communication, stewardship & spiritual growth
Was questioned if the old survey is available. Terry will contact Debbie Patrick
Discussed communication modes- twitter, Instagram, etc. We listed immediate, short term
and long term goals for communication. Did the same for stewardship and spirituality listing
possible means to accomplish improvements in all 3 areas.
Closing prayer
Fr. Bill
Next mtg.
Mon. November 18 th , 2019
Maria Gentry is prayer leader and refreshments

November 18, 2019

Terry Palmer, Janet Nelson, Fr. Bill Moorby, Joe DeCaro, Marie Gentry, Steve Cardinal,
Bridget Davis, Kevin Homick
Opening prayer, readings and faith sharing discussion led by Maria Gentry
Oct. minutes approved: 1 st Steve Cardinal, 2 nd Janet Nelson
Group picture of Council taken. Father will get 8 x 10s made to display at each worship site.
Father commented on the minutes of various committee meetings.
To date the CMA total is $7,130 w/ 25 donors
Windows for the rectory is w/ the bldgs. & grounds committee
Goals Workshop
Statement of Parish Council goals, communication wishes, etc. will be formed by Joe DeCaro
to be presented to the worship sites on Jan. 12 th
Father, Bridget Davis and Paul Nelson are to form a committee to work on how to increase
communication through social media
Need to work on a parish survey. Will try to finalize it at the Jan. meeting
Watch the 2 seasons of video “The Ministry of the Wild Goose”- 25 min. long by Jan. mtg. for
Janet will make 3 suggestion boxes, Maria Gentry the other for each worship site.
Terry will check AC Moore store for sales on easels, bulletin bds., white bds., etc.

Next Meeting
January 27 th led by Joe DeCaro

January 27, 2020

Opening Prayer: Joe DeCaro
Approval of the Minutes: November 18, 2019 Meeting Minutes
Pastor’s remarks: Retirement Party and Office procedures changes
CMA Goal for 2019-2010 $37,686 update
Building &Grounds Committee
Windows Installed at OLOL Parish house

Old Business: Continuing the Action Planning Process for Identified Goals

Activity #1: Brief Discussion to Review Status of Goal Completion to date (10 minutes)
Activity #2 – Reviewing/ Prioritizing the Short-term Goals (20 minutes)
Activity #3 – Forming an Action Plan (30 minutes)

Next Meeting: Monday, February 24 @ 7:00 p.m.
Closing Prayer: Joe DeCaro

Meeting Prayer Leaders and Snacks
February 24, 2020 Terry Palmer

Council Notes

  • January
    • 2020 Introduction Talk
      We, the members of Parish Pastoral Council, have given thought and prayer on what we felt was paramount for immediate Parish goals, which will contribute to bringing us together as a collective Parish and not just individual worship sites. The concepts of Communication, Stewardship and Spiritual Growth were the ones that stood out.

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