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The GSCC Music Ministry needs your help. Our parish office wants to develop a listing of parishioners who would be able to substitute for our regular church musicians when they might be absent. If you play piano and/or organ & are willing to fill in occasionally, please contact Tom Collins @ 497-3088 with name, phone #, e-mail address and instrument that you play.


Emmaus Youth Group and Edge Youth Group


I have been invited to serve on the Cayuga County Catholic Virtues Committee.  The mission of this group is to promote unity and growth in local Catholic ministries within the diversity of the Catholic Church, bringing people into a closer relationship with Christ, through the Spirit and for the greater glory of God. The committee has representatives from the local Catholic schools, parishes and organizations. We share and network services.

One of the ministries that our local parishes share is that of youth groups.  Youth groups become a place where our youth can gather with other youth in a safe environment and continue their faith journey together.

The Parishes of Auburn offer two such groups. Emmaus Youth Group is designed for high school students. High school students, having been fully initiated into the Church through the Sacrament of Confirmation, are ready to live as disciples of Jesus. Youth gatherings focus on a deeper conversation on what it means to follow Christ, holiness, issues of the day and church vocations. Below you will find dates and topics of those discussions.

Edge Youth Group is designed for Junior High students. Middle school  gatherings focus on identifying as a disciple of Christ and what it looks like to live as His disciple.

Both groups provide an invaluable experience for our youth and I encourage parents to give their child the opportunity to explore these ministries. Enclosed is the Fall schedule for the High School Emmaus group.                                                                                                                             

God bless.  Marilyn Paradise


EMMAUS High School Youth Ministry meets on Sunday evenings.

6:30pm-8:00pm in Youth Room at St. Joseph School, 89 E. Genesee St., Auburn


September                                                                      November

 2- No meeting! Labor Day Weekend!                            4-Politics

 9-Jesus as True God and True Man                             11-Chosen-Why do I have to go to Mass?

16-The Beatitudes                                                          18- Divine Revelation

23- Chosen- Who is the Holy Spirit?                              25-No meeting! Thanksgiving Weekend!

30-Truth, Freedom, and Responsibility   


October                                                                       December

7-Sacraments and Grace (Eucharistic)                          2- Chosen- What does it mean to say, I do?

14-Chosen- What does the Holy Spirit do for me?        9-The Universal Call to Prayer

21-Evangelization: The Church’s Mission                    16- Chosen- Who’s Calling?

28-Chosen-Why have I been Chosen?                        23- Christmas Party with White Elephant Gift Exchange!

                                                                                     30- No meeting! Christmas Break!




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