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  • 2020
    • February
      • Days of Fasting and Abstinence
        I remember as a boy journeying through the days of Lent. When I was young the Lenten obligations regarding fasting and abstinenc…
      • Our Lenten Journey
        We will begin our forty-day Lenten journey to the glories of Easter this Wednesday, February 26th. The symbol of ashes that we r…
      • Someone must have said, “May you live long and prosper”
        A week ago Thursday I celebrated the funeral Mass for Libby Perkins. Libby was a 104 + years old! Libby was born on June 24, 1…
      • Come Holy Spirit!
        Come Holy Spirit. Come into my life. A simple prayer but a powerful one. I have mentioned in the past that it was when I bega…
      • The Presentation of the Lord
        February 2nd is a noted day for many reasons. It is Groundhog Day! I remember as a boy my father telling us about the traditio…
    • January
  • 2019
    • December
      • Feast of the Holy Family
        Merry Christmas! Unlike the secular world our celebration of Christmas continues! The shopping malls have been playing Christmas…

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